Japanese cheese cake

70 gram butter

70 gram sugar

70 gram wheat flour (sifted ago)

200ml milk

4 eggs (separate the egg white and yolk)

5 slices of cheese slice (Chesdale brand)

A few drops of vanilla essence
How to make :

1) cheese slices are torn into small pieces and then mix with fresh milk

2) then put the slices with fresh milk into the pot, use low heat and stir until cheese is melted.

3) then add butter and stir until its dissolved.

4) turn off heat and let it for a while

5) beat the egg whites with sugar until the meringue is formed

6) beat egg yolks until fluffy

7) then put the egg yolks into the cheese mixture, stir it until dissolved.

8) then add the flour (little by little) and make sure no lumpy batter is formed

9) after all ingredients are dissolved, mix the batter with the menrigue. Make sure to put menrigue little by little.

10) at the end, add tbsp of vanilla essence
How to bake:

1) round baking pan with butter pat, under which lies the parchment paper. Cut out the shape of the container

2) heat the water to put into the baking tray

3) then put the pan in the middle of the baking tray

3) bake in 170°C for 20 minutes then lower the temperature to 140°C over 40 minutes .. (Depends on each oven)


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