KitKat pudding

​Ingredients : 

2 packs of Amul fresh cream 

3-4 tspoon powdered sugar , depends on ur taste 

Heresy chocolate syrup 

1 packet marie gold biscuit 

12-15 kitkat 
Procedure :

Take a vessel put Amul fresh cream in it , mix pwd sugar in it according to ur taste. Mix it well so that no lums r there . 

    Then take a bowl in which u want to set your pudding . Now dip marie biscuit in milk n make a layer of it.

      Pour the above made fresh cream on it n cover biscuit with that layer . 

    Now put heresy syrup on it like a layer , randomly . Might be around 2-3 tbsp at a time . 

    Now cover it with kitkit chocolate pieces .

    Repeat all the above layers one more time.

    Keep it in ur fridger for 3-4 hours to set . Tada ur chocolate pudding is ready ☺️


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