Mango cheese cake

1-150 ml  fresh cream.
2- 100 ml.of milkmaid.
3- 2 tbsp of hung curd or yoghurt or thick curd.
4- 1 tbsp of plain cheese spread…i used amul.
     ( we use cheese cream in cheese cake, mixture of curd and       cheese serves the same purpose.)  
5-100 ml of vanilla ice-cream,again i used amul, let it go soft in the fridge but should be cold.
6- 1 tbspn of gelatine or agar agar…if using gelatine soak it in 5 tbsp of water for 15 minutes and if using agar agar soak it and then double boil it and let it room temperature.
6- 18 oreo biscuits and 1 tbsp of butter.
7- pieces of one big mango.


1- put biscuits in a mixer jar and make powder, take this out and    add melted butter in it and mix properly.
2- now take a detachable tin ( if you  don’t have one, take a borosil flat dish either square, rectangular or circular in shape.)
4- press biscuit mixture at the base of your tin firmly.keep this tin in the fridge for 15 minutes.
5- mean time again take a mixer jar or blender. Puree mango pieces, now add curd and cheese mix properly, after this mix softened ice-cream.
6- after ice-cream add fresh cream and condensed milk. Give it a gentle stir…do not overbeat..
6- now lastly add soaked gelatine or melted agar agar…give it a gentle churn again.
7- immediately after this pour this mixture on biscuit wala base, tap gently the tin to even the surface.
8- transfer the tin to the fridge at least for 5-6 hours or overnight.
9- if you want to decorate the cake with mango pieces, place them jst before keeping it in the fridge.
10- take out from the fridge loosen the tin and de mould on a serving plate.cut the wedges and enjoy… 
11- but those who have set it in borosil dishes,will have to dig a spatula or spoon deep and will have to serve on a plate.
Either way, the taste which matters at last.
Hope you will enjoy this dish.
happy cooking. 🙂


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