Jeera Biscuits


120 gms whole wheat flour
80 gms butter
30 gms powdered sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp jeera- i like them roasted
1tbsp milk (if needed)


Preheat oven at 180 degrees Celsius

Beat the room temperature butter, sugar and salt till light and fluffy.

Add half jeera a little crushed to this mixture. Add the flour to the butter mixture and mix gently to get a soft dough. If your mixture is crumbly gradually add few drops of milk to make it come together. Don’t add too much. Keep kneading to bring together.

Roll the dough on a clean surface , add remaninibg jeera and flatten it on the top. Use a cookie cutter or a lid or any shape desired.

Grease the baking tray or place a parchment paper. Place the cookies on it with a little diatance and bake for 14-15 mins at 180 degrees Celsius or until it changes color to light brown. This makes approx 15 cookies.

Remove the cookies from the baking tray and let it cool on the wire rack. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea !!!


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