Ingredients: 1 cup chole soaked and boiled with bayleaf,salt and teabag. 2 medium size onions chopped, 3 medium size tomatoes pureed, 1 spoon ginger garlic paste, small piece of ginger cut in julians, 1-2 green chillies,1 spoon sugar, salt,dry masala(Kashmiri chillies, pepper, cloves, cinnamon, cardomom,cumin, dhania) or chole masala+Kashmiri chilli powder and 1 big elaichi in case u don’t have time to dry roast these spices and fresh coriander for garnishing
Method: Seperate the chole and water,smash some chhole and keep aside to thicken the gravy and discard bay leaf and tea bag. Take some oil and add cumin and hing and then add onions, after onions get translucent add ginger garlic paste, green chillies, then turmeric, chilli powder, dry masala/chole masala, cardomom, tomato puree,salt,sugar and let the oil separate. Now add mashed chole and some water kept aside,after sometime add chole and ginger julians,again add some water..keep doing this on slow flame till all water is finished and gravy is thick as per u need, now garnish with fresh coriander…… I never measure anything while making so this is the best estimate I cud give


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