For Delhi Nehari you will need
800g lamb or mutton shank or leg ( preferably with bones which got bone marrow too .
one medium size onion finely sliced.
A chunk of ginger roughly crushed.
Half teaspoon assorted garam masala.
1 teaspoon saunf (fennel )
A teaspoon of grounded long pepper (the essential ingredient)
Half teaspoon black pepper (powdered)
Half teaspoon of green and black cardamom powder
Nutmeg and mace powdered half teaspoon .
1aniseed flower ( badiyan ka phool)
1 bay leaf.
Dhaniya powder 1 tsp
Kashmiri degi mirch 1 tsp.
1 little stick cinnemon .
Ginger garlic paste( gg paste) 1 tbs
Some plain flour for thickening the nehari ( use in the end)
For extra flavour we will add some fennel seeds(saunf ) and crushed cloves in the end too .
For garnishing we need some thinly  cut ginger, green chillies , lemon and coriander ..
We also need some oil approximately 1 cup .
Now lets come to the method ;
Heat up your pot and oil then put ginger, garam masala and saunf. Crackle them in oil then add onion . When onion slices getting brown add whole spices ( grounded ) and add gg paste .
NOW at this point add a secret tip🙊🙈!! We will add 1 tsp of tomato puree to improve and get the perfect color of nihari and its oil on top..shhhhhh🙊😉🙈
Next add little water to fry all masala very well ( khushboo nihari ki aana shoro hojaye gee abhi se)
After frying masala add meat and bones and mix well then add water so the meat get covered . Once the water start boiling , low the flame and cook it for minimum two hours or until the meat is soft and tender .
After two hours we will check if the meat is tender we will add 2 tbs flour (diluted with little water)  and pour on meat and gravy . And cook further until its get thick ( it will pretty much similar like we add corn flour in to soup to get thicken )
While the Nihari is cooking and on its last stage to get done we will grind our spices for tadka on top for extra flavour otherwise after adding flour and the gravy get thicken the nihari is ready ( little red oil would float on top surface anyways )
But I love this tadka for enhance more flavour , do try it you will like it too x take cloves and saunf and grind them then take little oil add finely slices of small onion and fry until brown then add crushed spices and pour this bhagaar over already done Nihari and Ta-Da ……nom nom nom nom enjoy😋 your Delhi Nihari is ready xx


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