5 Minutes Microwave Potato Chips


2-3 PotatoesOil (Brushing and mixing)Salt


Wash potatoes and make thin slices using the potato slicer or you can use the sharp knife and make thin slices.Take a bowl or container, and add potato slices, ½ tsp oil and 2-3 pinch of salt in it.Mix all slices very well. If you are using container then cover the lid and shake it well, so oil coat the chips easily.Take a microwave safe plate, grease it with oil then arrange all slices in thin single layer on the plate.Place the plate in the microwave and cook it for 4-5 minutes in high (full power) till slightly golden brown.Remove the plate, be careful because the plate will be hot that time.Repeat the process for remaining slices to make more chips.Your 5 Minutes microwave chips are ready, sprinkle some salt if needed and serve.


• You can use sweet potato for chips.
• After mixing the slices in oil and salt, it will make moisture like water remove or drain it before placing on the plate.
• Cook chips until light brown. If chips are not brown then it won’t be crispy.
• When cooking chips, check it after 4 minutes otherwise it can be burnt.
• You can sprinkle black pepper powder or any seasoning as per you choice.


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