Bread lasagna

Presenting bread lasagna wen I was craving for lasagna those lasagna sheets are not easily available at market. . So what is the best alternative for lasagna sheets is bread. We can use any kind of bread.  But my choice is white bread which gives better taste.  Here’s the recipe comes how to make Bread lasagna now.

All you need is bread slices with edges trim.
White sauce and red sauce it can be a store bought any pizza pasta sauce..
Cheese : I used cheddar cheese in white sauce and cream cheese with spinach filling and mozzarella cheese on top final layers.
Toppings: Chilli flakes, Italian seasoning, oregano and pizza seasoning.  That’s all.

Method for spinach fillings.
1 cup finely chopped spinach.
4 garlic finely chopped.
1 grated carrot
Some shredded cabbage
Panner grated
Cream cheese
Salt and pepper to taste.
Butter for saute

In a pan add butter once melts ads chopped garlic saute until light brown add spinach carrot and give a nice mix add cabbage and paneer saute for a minute.  Spinach reduce in size add salt and pepper mix well and off the flame let it cool for sometime.  Once it cools add cream cheese and gently mix and keep it separate.
Now prepare your white sauce :
In a pan add butter 2 tbs maida mix well until sandy consistent add milk and keep stiring until form as a saucy consistency now add cheddar cheese and red Chilli flakes oregano Italian herbs and white pepper no need salt as cheese contain salt in it.  Chk the seasoning add according to it. And your white sauce is ready.  The red sauce I used pizza sauce it’s store bought one which I have at home. Now both sauce and spinach veg filling is ready. Only remaining is assembling part.

Now come to arrangements:

Take a lengthwise big casserole or any baking tray which have more capacity to arrange if you doing for more …
First apply white sauce as a thin layer on top of covered with first layer of bread and spread some red sauce fully to the bread on top.. And now the second layer of bread on top of it the spinach veg filling spread fully and cover with one more bread apply red sauce fully spread and the final layers of bread pour the remaining white sauce fully covered the bread( don’t over pouring the sauce use how u need) finally Sprinkle generous amount of grated mozzarella cheese on it. sprinkle some pizza topping here and there to the cheese layers. . Now its ready to Bake in a preheated oven for 10 minutes or till the cheese starts to turn brown and serve immediately.
Preheat the oven for 200 for 10….

And your yummy cheesy bread lasagna is ready to be served.  Serve immediately before the cheese start to thick.


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