1: mutton or beef  mince 1/2 kg

2: gram flour 2 tbs (dry roast & sieve)

3: fried onions 2 tbs

4: seekh kabab masala 4 tbs (ready made) shaan

5: ginger & garlic paste 1 tbs

6: garam masala powder 1 ts

7: salt 1/2 ts

8: egg 1

9: bread slice 1 (soaked in water)

10:onion 1 medium(grinned and strain the onion water)

11: coal


1: rice 1/2 kg (boiled with 2 tbs salt)

2: oil 1/2 cup

3: bullet green chilli 6 (sliced)

4: ginger & garlic paste 1 tbs

5: fried onions 1/2 cup

6: garam masala powder 1 ts

7: red chilli powder 1 ts

8: salt 1 ts

9: cumin seeds roasted and crushed 1 ts

10:coriander powder 1 ts

11:kewra water 1 tbs

12:yellow food colour 1/4 ts

13:yogurt 1 cup

14:fried onions 1/2 cup (for garnishing)

15:fresh coriander handful (twice)



1: squeeze the water from the bread.

2: in a chopper add mince, bread, fried onion, gram flour, kabab masala, ginger & garlic paste, salt, garam masala powder, egg, grinned onion mix well.

3: now slightly grease your palms and make kababs.

4: heat oil and shallow fry the kababs for 7 minutes on medium flame, and keep aside.


1: heat oil add ginger & garlic paste, fried onions, red chilli, garam masala powder, coriander powder, cumin crushed, salt, yogurt, water mix well wait for a boil on high flame, then lower it to low to medium and cook till little water is left.

2: now add the fried kababs, green chilli and simmer on low flame till the oil comes on the surface.

3: heat the coal red hot.

4: in a large pat add half the rice top it with the kababs then the remaining rice, kewra water mixed with colour, fried onions, green chilli, coriander, place the foil on the rice add the coal top it with little oil and cover it till the smoke settles.

5: cover the lid and simmer the rice on low flame for 5 minutes.

6: serve hot.


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