Easy peasy eggless choclate Brownie


All purpose flour/maida – 1/4 cup (30g)
Sugar – 1/4 cup (50g)
Unsweetened cocoa powder – 2 tbsp ( any brand is fine)
Melted butter – 2 tbsp
Milk at room temperature – 1/4 cup + 1/2 tbsp (60ml)
Vanilla essence – 1/4 tsp


In a wide bowl,take all the dry ingredients.Mix well without lumps.
Then add the melted butter,milk and vanilla essence.Mix well for a minute in one direction.Sugar should be dissolved in the mixture.The consistency of batter should be slightly thin and not too thick.It should fall like a ribbon.Transfer the mixture to a microwave safe mug or bake in the same bowl if it is microwave safe.

Microwave in high power  for one minute.Take it out and check for its texture.If u find any fluid on top,microwave it again for 10 seconds.Now remove and insert a tooth pick or back of a spoon.If it comes out clean,brownie is done.Else keep it for 10 seconds.Mine got done in 1 minute 20 seconds. ( Never over bake.Brownie will become hard.Keep it only for 10 seconds & check it ).Brownies won’t double in size after baking.It will raise slightly as u see in the picture.

Serve it warm with your favourite ice cream.
Enjoy !


Color of brownie may slightly vary as per the color of cocoa powder.I used weikfield cocoa powder which was dark in color.
While mixing the dry ingredients,make sure there are no lumps.Add the wet ingredients and mix in one direction always.Never over bake it.Keep it for a minute first.Remove and check its texture.If u find any fluid on top,keep it for 10 seconds again and check.Repeat the same until a toothpick or back of spoon comes out clean.Over baking makes the brownie hard and chewy.


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