Choco chip cookies

Chocolate chip cookies recipe
All purpose flour 1cup
Baking soda 1/2tsp
Salt a pinch
Unsalted butter 1/2 cup at room temperature
Granulated sugar 1/4 cup
Light brown sugar 1/4cup
Vanilla extract 1/2 tsp
Milk 2tblsp
Unsweetened chocolate chip 1/2 cup
Preheat oven at 350°F.
Whisk the dry ingredients till they are incorporated and keep aside.
In a large bowl add butter and beat it till creamy and smooth.
Then add both the sugar and beat till it becomes fluffy.
Then add vanilla extract and milk and whisk till it gets incorporated.
Add dry ingredients and beat it until incorporated.
Add chocolate chip and fold them in . If the dough looks soft and sticky then chill it the refrigerator for 30 mints.
Take a cookie tray with parchment paper.
Now make 1inch ball and slightly flatten it and place in on the cookies tray. Place them few inches apart.
Bake them for 10-12 mints in preheated oven or until the edges are golden brown.
Cool it on the cooling  rack and serve.


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