Choclate Vanilla Cake

Make two batters one of vanilla nd one of chocolate
For chocolate batter :
1 nd 1/2 cup whole wheat floor
1cup sugar (increase or decrease as per ur taste)
1/2 cup refined oil
1/2teaspoon baking powder
1/2teaspoon meetha soda
1/2 cup curd
3 teaspoon cocoa powder
Seive all d dry ingredients then add oil nd curd..then add milk to make a smooth batter ..

For Vanilla batter:-
All d ingredients r same take 1 tsp vanilla custard powder nd 1/2tsp vanilla essence  in place of cocoa powder nd reduce d quantity of ingredients  to make a small vanilla cake.

First cook d Vanilla cake in a microwave safe dish fr 2-3 mins nd dont cook it to full. Cook that much that it binds.

Now take another microwave dish pour half of chocolate batter in it nd cook fr 2 mins then place ur vanilla cake in it nd press it deep softly nd then pour rest half of chocolate batter on it nd cook fr 5 -6 mins ..chk wid a knife !! If its done then take out nd if not cook for 1 more minute !!


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